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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wishful Hearing

 I took delivery of three cubic yards of blended soil and seven and a half cubic yards of premium pathway bark this morning around nine thirty.  I managed to finish laying bark down in the side yard, and then topped off three of the beds, which is why I made the order.  They really settled a lot this past year; one appeared to lose half its soil.  I really hope that this is the last order that I have to make and that going forward, I can keep up with the beds by making my own compost.

Since I did the side yard all by myself and one of the beds, Steve helped me with the other two beds.  He already had pulled something in his back last week, so this was really yeoman's service.  We made a late trip to the grocery store for milk and sundries, and since we were both pretty wiped, we grabbed a Philly cheesesteak on the way home.  So today, I managed absolutely no food from the garden.  So I didn't meet the Starving Challenge today.

Just too tired.  And even with all the work, we only managed to clear enough bark and soil off the driveway to be able to drive the car past the piles and into the garage.  I have four more beds to top off, too.  Being able to put our only car away tonight was the goal for the day, though.

But while I was working today, I heard birds trilling and cooing like it was spring.

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Miriam said...

Yay birds! Yay spring!

We still have a (much smaller) pile of dirt in our front yard from last year's delivery. It's hard work, doing all that shovelling!