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Monday, February 7, 2011

How To Repair Wire Screen or Hardware Cloth

Sometimes, your hardware cloth or wire screening gets a hole in it. It's actually pretty easy to fix.

Cut a patch out of the same material a little bigger than the area that needs to be fixed.  Cut right next to the wire so that you have spikes sticking out... this.

Bend all four side of sticky pieces up using a needle nose pair of pliers.  Take particular care at the corners and make sure they are pinched together like the above.  By the way, this is really hard to do without your glasses.

Attach the cut piece from the inside of the screen, pressing all the pokey edges around to clasp the screen with the pokey edges of the patch over to stick it to the screen.

La voila!


Practical Parsimony said...

Oh, NO! I am going to get hardware cloth to keep raccoons from my 3 hens. And, now I hear the stuff can get a hole in it. Can a raccoon make a hole in it? I have a chain link dog pen 10x10x6 feet that I am going to cover on all four sides with hardware cloth. Plus the top will be a peaked roof, lined in hardware cloth. I think I will continue to panic tonight instead of going to bed!

Paula said...

Practical- it really depends on the hardware cloth, so don't panic!! This number eight stuff is made from a much smaller wire; it's slightly thinner than chicken wire, which you know is for keeping chickens in, and not varmints out.

The hardware cloth that you can find at HD should be just fine, and if you're covering chain link, that will certainly make a Fort Knox out of your chicken yard. The only other suggestion I could make is to make sure that you have about a foot or so of the hardware cloth extending out from the bottom of the pen and bury it. If the varmints can't see it, but keep hitting it as they try to tunnel under the fence, they'll get discourage. Extending it out from the pen is safer than straight down or in.

Sorry I scared you!