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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Kindness of Relative Strangers

Many posts ago, I wrote about the kindness of the people in the blogosphere, specifically the homesteading blogosphere.  Today, I met one of them (in real life!) and she couldn't have been nicer.

Rae and I met at one of the Starbucks in Oregon City, with the intent to go to One Green World after strawberries for me.  I mentioned in my post of 22 February that if I thought I could cram two bales of straw in my wagon I'd do it, and Rae offered to haul them for me in her truck, which was really kind.  So naturally I took advantage of her; she hauled four for me.  She also lugged them into my garage for me, because even if my left thumb hadn't been injured, I still couldn't have lugged those bales.  Hell, I couldn't even pull them off the end of her truck.  (The only thing strong about me is the way I smell at the end of the day.)  So now, thanks to Rae, I'm all set for carbon for the whole summer, I think.  Unless I wind up mixing one or two of them into the wattle and daub for the coop; I'm still working on that idea mentally.

Before I forget, we did go to OGW, and I got my strawberries; a bundle of twenty-five TriStar, for ten bucks, which I think quite the deal.  I also got a new Italian plum, to replace the one that croaked last summer, and I got two olive trees, an Arbequina (Spanish) and a Leccino (Italian).  I even have a good idea where the olives are going to go.  Out front, for sure.  I'm just not sure if I'm going to put them together on one side of the driveway, or split them on opposite sides of the driveway.  Plus, there's a native filbert in the way; I have to figure out what to do with that.

I also got to meet Henry, who is one sweetheart of a dog, so I got a good dog fix in.

So: a new friend, new plants, and a dog fix.  All in all, a very satisfying way to spend a Saturday.

I just hope it was good for her, too.


Miriam said...

Oh, I am envious! Getting to meet Rae, going for coffee, living somewhere where olive trees are a possibility, 25 strawberry plants for $10. It sounds like a pretty wonderful day - hopefully it goes a little way towards making up for all the frustration of working around an injury.

Are you thinking about a new dog in your life, or is it still too soon?

Anonymous said...

How exciting for you to meet a fellow blogger in person. I am a member of a farm forum and had the pleasure of meeting two members this summer, one who lives 20 miles away and another a thousand miles away.

I am so much enjoying your adventures. What a good friend in person or online you make.


Paula said...

It was a pretty wonderful day Miriam, and it does make up a little bit. I have been thinking about a new dog a lot- it's not too soon. I just have to enclose the front yard (read: spend money) so that I can let the dog out in the front yard without fear of it taking off or worse. I have too much food growing in the backyard to consider using it for a dog toilet.

Why thank you, Beverly! I think I got the sweet end of the stick today, though.

Paula said...

Oh Miriam, before I forget, One Green World does do mail order and internet orders. I was impressed with how good everything looks (the strawberries are a little weird, but I'm sure they'll be fine once they're in the ground and it warms up); The olives look great, and the bare root plum looks to have a good sturdy root ball on it. I would sooner order from them again than Burnt Ridge which is where I got everything else. The plum was nearly twenty-two bucks, as were the olives.

ILoveMyDogandMy Music said...

You both sound like great 'gals'...

Rae said...

Was great meeting you too, and yesterday was lots of fun! LJ is stoked about the trees and his new hop, and Henry was POOPED! That little cuddle monster slept the entire way home, and all afternoon. I guess squealing at other dogs is hard work. :)

Paula said...

I'm really glad you had a good time and I'm looking forward to the trip to Al's!