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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Last Day of February

The weather has finally moved from ridiculously cold (for this area) to its more normal dreary damp chill. It will be this way for the foreseeable future, which means that I'm stuck in the house with a bum thumb.  Yesterday, Steve helped me peel off the tape to change it (the doc said it would get dirty and sent more tape home with me, and it did get pretty grotty).  It does not appear to be healing at all well, showing a bit of dried blood along the cut line where it was perfectly clean at the doctor's office.  It still hurts like hell. (I sure hope I'm not turning anyone's stomach.)  It dawned on me that in addition to taking Vitamin C, which is said to speed healing, I should also be forking in more vegetables, which are loaded with Vitamin K, the vitamin of coagulation.  If anyone has any healing suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them.  I'm pretty thoroughly bored out of my skull, inactivity not being my strong suit.

So this morning I ordered my replacement pea seeds, going with Maestro, per Danni's (of Critter Farm) suggestion.  What was supposed to be a fairly inexpensive order quickly turned into around fifty bucks, as I ordered herbs for tea and the herb bed, some of which I need for a special German sauce called Grune sosse (green sauce) which is the traditional thing to serve with a Tafelspitz.  But I digress; I also ordered a Bay Laurel plant, which I meant to order with my citrus last fall but forgot.  Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilis) is a lovely Mediterranean plant that can grow quite tall in moderate climates.  My mother has one that is a little bit taller than her second story house; she's been supplying me with dried bay leaves for many years.  However, I've been wanting access to fresh bay leaves for awhile- their flavor is different from dried, and ever since reading about flavoring a custard with fresh bay instead of vanilla, I've been wanting to try it.

Photo from here
But I don't need a towering tree of it. The folks in the Mediterranean have a neat trick for keeping its size within reason, however.  They plant Bay Laurels in pots, and where they want them as part of the landscaping or garden proper, they bury the pots, so this is what I'll be doing.  Ideally, I'd like to train it into a lollipop shaped tree, so that it doesn't shade the rest of the herb bed too much, but I may consider training it as a bush shape so that I can grow cilantro north of it. We'll see.  It will be awhile before I have to decide anyway- I'm sure to get a tiny little plant in a four inch pot.

In any case, I can still get dried bay leaves from my mother.  I kind of wish she was here to kiss away my booboo.  That would make it heal faster.  It always worked before.


Paula said...

Currently, I can't see my banner picture, although I didn't do anything to it.

Blogger appears to have the vapors again.

John said...

Black, blue and green thumb, huh? Bummer. In addition to C and K, I'm a firm believer in Vitamin B for Bourbon. It helps with the boredom too. When an injury is keeping you from being physically productive, though, it's a great opportunity to do all that reading and research you can't usually justify burning daylight for. You can be drawing out your chicken coop and figuring out a plan of attack for the wattle and daub (which I'll be curious to read about!). Work on the planting calendar? Read some fun books? Look at it like a blessing, down time you wouldn't normally give yourself! Feel better!

Maria said...

I love the way you admit to missing/wanting your mother. I'm (only) 28, and I've been made to feel before that I should never miss parents by now, but I say no! that's wrong.

I hope your thumb heals up fast, and I love the idea of a bay laurel tree!

Paula said...

Vitamin B for bourbon? Hmmm. Not a bourbon drinker but I do like my scotch and rye. Plus I've a bit of a tickle in my throat, so now that you've suggested it, I can taste a hot toddy, which I think I'll make But you are absolutely right John, about finding other ways to make myself useful. I've book to finish reading so that I can review it, and the coop to draw, as you suggest. I'm waiting to do that until I've replaced PT lumber that I put in front of the flower bed with the remainder of the plastic decking, because I'm thinking I could really keep my lumber costs down by reusing that stuff. But you are right- there are useful things I can be doing. Like starting soup and making that toddy!

Paula said...

I wish at twenty-eight that I'd had the relationship with my mother that I'm having now. Missing your parents is a good thing, I think. I still miss my dad and he died in '88, which is part of what's making me treasure my eighty-two year old mommy. So Maria, miss away!

Miriam said...

Maria, I am almost 49 and I still miss my mom and dad. Missing them is not the same as being dependent on them, so don't worry what others may say!

Paula, once the cut has closed over, calendula ointment will help the skin regenerate, and should reduce the scar. But I know you don't want to use it when the cut is still open. I like the bourbon idea, myself.

Paula said...

Thanks for the suggestion Miriam (you are right about not wanting to use it while the cut is still open- I can't even touch it!), and I will make sure to have bourbon in the house should you ever decide to visit Portland!

Anonymous said...

Do you have an Aloe Vera plant? I keep one in my kitchen just for cuts and burns.


Lisa said...

Hi Paula.
Liquid vitamin E or aloe vera gel with vitamin E in it will really help to take away the scar and heal the skin once the wound has closed.

Paula said...

Hello Beverly and Lisa- an aloe vera plant is a good idea. I don't have one, but I like them very much so I'll have to look for one the next time I'm at the home improvement store, or a nursery.

I once saw a huge one in a large azalea pot (this was in California)- it was fantastic! So I think an aloe vera is in my future. Thanks for the suggestion!

And we do have Vitamin E; I can try that too.