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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Bee Hive!

I finished my top bar hive, and now all I need to do is place it in the yard.

Open, with the top bars in place

Closed, with the lid

I'm going to wait for the weather to warm up, and then I'll tape the top with gutter repair tape that we have on hand.   Steve had purchased some for the gutters, which really need to be replaced but we're waiting to do that when we replace the roof, some day.  We have exactly what I need to put five stripes of the stuff on the roof, with the fifth one going along the ridge.  Enough down to exactly the last inch, as in twenty-one feet, eight inches, which I find remarkable.  In case you're wondering, that hole in the lid is for ventilation of the 'attic', which is the area between the top bars and the roof.

This afternoon after getting the second coat of paint on the hive, I tackled the raspberries.  I am regretting not staying on top of the weeds last summer.  I'll be digging out Tulameen and Autumn Britten suckers, and my neighbor said that he would take them. Given that he's seventy, and the area he's thinking about putting them is currently covered in that Himalayan blackberry that's pretty much covering the state of Oregon, I think I have more bramble clearing in my future.

So I have another project in mind for Steve's bathroom about which I'll be posting in the future, and the hutch to finish.  Then I can tackle a bench and table for the kitchen and other things on my list.  And it's time to get peas and parsnip seeds into the ground.

But take a look:  I crossed part of another goal!


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Looks great! Functional and attractive. By the way, love the title of the post. :)