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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homegrown leeks and garlic in Cream of Leek and Celery Soup

This time, mine broke too, even though I'd tempered the eggs until they were steaming.  I suspect that the soup was still too hot, but I'll research and see if I can figure out why it happened.  The soup was still good; Steve sure liked it...

It turns out that it broke for two reasons, tied to one thing: I shouldn't have used a whole egg; it should only be the yolk.  Yolks do the most thickening, whites the least, and while yolks will stand higher heats if tempered properly, too much heat will separate the proteins in whites and they will break the soup.

Sorry Jules- that should be just one egg yolk, not one egg.


jules said...

Ah ha! Thanks. I'll fix the recipe and try, try again. And you added garlic? YUM!

Paula said...

No- the garlic was there; just don't use a lot of it, or it will overwhelm the leeks and celery.

Let me know how your fix goes.