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Friday, April 29, 2011

Grain Mill Stand

So the last thing I had on my to do list for this week was make the alcohol stove for the bug out box.  Did I do it?

No! I was too busy building this!:

The mill is bolted to the stand (has to be bolted or clamped to a surface), and then we have the flour bin on the flour shelf, and then underneath it is the grain bin on the grain shelf.

Steve used it tonight to crack about a half pound of malted barley because tomorrow is a brew day.

So that's malted barley in the hopper there.  He was well pleased with how it turned out.  I was well pleased that he was well pleased. It really seems to be a great mill, and we're both really happy with it, which is important because we're both going to be using it for different purposes.  I'll be milling flour with it, and he'll be cracking malted barley with it.  Next fall he'll order a fifty-pound bag of malted barley and crack it at home, and this will bring his brew costs way, way down.  He'll already ordered a couple pounds of hops direct from a hops grower in Washington, which he says will last until December in the freezer (he doesn't brew during the summer- it's too hot).  The only other thing I might use it for is cracking corn for chickens, but first I have to get chickens, and then I have to get a corn and bean auger for it.  If you're curious about that you can go the Country Living Grain Mills website and there's a video that shows how to install it.

One other thing I want to show you is that on the flour bin, we decided that having a cover with a hole in it for the flour to drop through would be a good idea to keep the dust down because we wanted to keep our mill in the house.

Some people mill in their garage because of the dust, but I'd rather clean up than have garage dust and spiders falling in my hopper, you know?  We'll see how well it works when I grind our first flour, which will be a couple of weeks yet; the wheat is still doing thirty days in the freezer, which will kill anything that might have hopped aboard it, like weevils.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and I've a date with Rae and her mother-in-law KT to go to the Canby Master Gardener Show.  This is my first Master Gardener show and I'm pretty excited about it.  Then also this weekend, Steve and I are going to HD to get a big bunch of lumber and bring it home in a rented truck so that I can get started on the breakfast and dining nooks next week.

But I promise I'll get that stove put together soon, maybe Sunday even, because it's the lynchpin in the bug out box.

I guess that's really more a promise that I'm making to myself.


Miriam said...

Nice job! And how great to have a couple of distinct uses for the mill. Bread and beer - what more do you need?

Paula said...

Thank you Miriam.

Joleen said...


Paula said...

Thanks Joleen! (I think so too.)

Rae said...

How'd the brewing go, with the two of you being out of each other's hair? Lol.

If I had read this post prior to Saturday, I would have volunteered my truck services. I work for beer, homemade ginger ale, or coffee. :)

Paula said...

The home brewing went stupendously. I got home and could smell the wort and hops aroma outside the house. I thought maybe it was the hops, as I was standing right next to them but they are still clambering up the rope and are months away from having flowers on them. That didn't stop me from leaning over and taking a good, deep sniff. Nothing. Then I remembered; Stevie's brewing today!!

I think had you volunteered your truck, I would have sorely tested your patience today. As it was, I think I tried Steve's but he's stuck with me. I will tell you that we brought home enough lumber and materials (including roof panels for: the breakfast nook, the dining nook, the guest room beds, and the chicken coop, with possibly enough left over for rabbit hutches. Also a bale of peat moss (i've several acid loving plants to plant), two large fiberglass pots for the citrus, and a small boatload of hardware. I also finally got the bow rake I've been needing all this time. Steve, the big cheapskate that he is (he admitted to the fellow that sold us our wedding rings as having come from a long line of cheapskates- I can't say I didn't know what I was getting myself in for) didn't bat an eye because I said a couple of times, 'are you prepared to spend a lot of money today', because I knew it would be a lot. Still, it wasn't as much as it would be if we were hiring the work out.

But thank you for mentioning it...I may ply you with beer some other time!!