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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hive Stand

Yesterday was a pretty nice day, weather-wise.  Sun wasn't in the forecast, but we had a lot of it, so I spent  part of yesterday morning finishing up the hive stand.  It holds me up just fine on either side, since I planned it to hold two hives.

So now the hive is all set.  I'll just buy my bee supplies from Ruhl when I pick up the bees.  I think for starters I can get away with just a veil and jacket, and a hive tool, not that I need one right away.  I already have the spray bottle for the sugar syrup spray.

The next post on bees should be all about the installation.


Kevin and Beth said...

Thanks for the safety glasses info! I'll call my eye place and see if they can get them!

Toni aka irishlas said...

Nice! Can't wait to read all about the installation.

You rock with power tools!

Joleen said...

I'm impressed!

Paula said...

Kevin and Beth you are welcome!

Thank you Toni. Actually, I rock more with hand tools, at least in the saw department. I'm not as good cutting where I need to cut with a power tool as I am with just a little ol' saw, but maybe I'll get better now that I have prescription safety glasses!

Thanks Joleen.

Heidianne said...

Okay Paula, I just saw our first bee's here in scenic oak Grove. Pity my apple blossoms are not open yet!I fear we will have more of this cold rainy drear and I won't get any fruit, or much fruit. Can't wait to read about you bee keeping adventures,it's very cool!