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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Homegrown tomato sauce, onion, and bell pepper in Sloppy Joes


chesapeake said...

Maybe the title is self explanatory, but I would love the recipe for this! Sloppy joes can so easily go terribly wrong. :-)

Paula said...

Hi there Chesapeake! Do a search on the blog for 'sloppy joes from scratch scratch' (use both scratches) and it will take you right to my recipe. Well, it will take you right to the post that has my recipe. Let me know what you think.

chesapeake said...

Thank you so much, Paula! I found the recipe and made it for dinner tonight. I usually dislike sloppy joes, but figured if you were willing to use some of your hard-earned garden produce on them, they must be worth it. :-) they totally were.

I'm passing the recipe on to my celiac mother who can't eat dairy or gluten. My husband offers his immense gratitude as well. :-D


Paula said...

Oh cool! I'm glad you liked them! Having that recipe husband approved makes me really proud.