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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good Enough for Chickens

I need a window on the north side of the coop for cross ventilation, so yesterday I looked at windows at the home improvement store.  I thought they were a bit much for a little ol' chicken  coop, so I spent nine bucks and bought a cheap piece of plexiglas and today I made a window from some scrap firring strips I had lying around.

I got to practice dowel joinery.

The ugly backside.  I wasn't aiming for beauty- just speed.

I've seen prettier, but it's good enough for chickens.  It turned out well enough that I'm inspired to buy the materials for a larger window and make one to replace the two dollar antique window I bought at the rebuilding center on Mississippi in Portland with the intention of using it in a cold frame.  Ever since I bought it I've been scaring myself with visions of tripping and falling through its untempered self, and I've decided that I don't want to use it for any reason.  It's just too dangerous to have around.

I nearly got the north wall of the coop section done today, but ran out of steam.  I have to set the coop aside for a few days to get ready to host a bunco party on Tuesday night, so you won't hear from me for awhile, I don't think.

Try not to miss me.


Tamar@StarvingofftheLand said...

You have very high standards, if you think that's ugly. We got our window for the chicken coop (and the top for our cold frame) at the dump, and they both look like just what they are - reclaimed junk.

Anonymous said...

Hurry back - we WILL miss you! I'm anxious to hear how the pizza is when you use your home-ground flour! (I bet it turns out delicious)

Miriam said...

Did you ever tell us what a bunco party is? Cause I'm dying of curiosity. Is that one of those Americanisms that we Canadians are clueless about?

When Kim turned the structure formerly known as The Tool Shed into Chicken Coop #2 she used a piece of plexiglass to put a window in one of the two doors, and it's great! It's tall and skinny and makes for great Chicken TV viewing.

Your coop is going to be fabulous!

Rae said...

I did the same thing for one of our coop windows, though mine is held together with staples, glue, and several coats of paint. Lol. Not quite as nice as yours. :)

Toni aka irishlas said...

We used plexiglass also for the windows which we mounted inside the coop and the put screening on the outside which was then covered with molding.

We don't have racoon problems, so, the screen works fine. We also left a space at the top of the coop walls on the front and back walls for ventilation also. We covered that with screening, too. The top wall ventilation is opposite of the window placement and works great in the winter.

Whatever you do with that coop it will be fabulous. You have tremendous woodworking skills!

Have a great weekend!

Christy said...

Hey ,
your chicken coop is looking great so far! The window is awesome. I am very impressed that you are doing your cuts by hand... that takes skill AND patience.

Our table you asked about is standing with beer height, btw.

Christy said...

Your coop is looking great! I am very impressed that you are doing your cuts by hand.. that takes skill AND patience. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Also, our table is standing with a beer height, btw. or better yet, standing looking over drawings. We are keeping the table by the shop area so we can have a place to keep drawings for reference.

Good luck with your party!

Jennifer Montero said...

I once told Mike that his pheasant pens were out of line. He told me that if he ever heard a pheasant complain about it, that he'd quit his job and join the circus and get rich with his talking pheasant. Bloody sarcastic Brits.

I expect your chickens will find it more than adequate for their needs. And I think it looks mighty fine too.

Have a fun party!