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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Homesteading Update, 17 July 2011

This weekend was about getting the dental checkup (they're no worse off than they were six months ago, but a couple new fillings are in my future, probably January), marathon shopping, and my favorite unglamorous job- cleaning the garage.

In addition to everything else going wrong with the planets these days, the idea that the US might default has gotten my jitters up again, so this weekend I hauled Steve around Happy Valley to load up on things I don't think we should run out of, like toilet paper, romano cheese, butter, and wheat, among other things (vanilla, black pepper).  The second batch of twenty-five pounds each of hard and soft white wheat are cooling their jets in the deep freeze for a month at five below zero, after which they'll get poured into five gallon buckets and sealed.  The grinding your own wheat thing has become a bit of a revelation for us, actually.  The pancakes I've been making with fresh ground soft wheat have really been pretty stellar, and Steve made a batch of pretzels recently with fresh ground hard white wheat that were pretty phenomenal.  He was worried that they were going to be hard to roll, but he found them to be quite the opposite, actually, and they were easily the best pretzels I've ever had.  They were really, really good.  Tonight we had pizza with the soft wheat as an experiment; I wasn't surprised that it was really too tender for  a good pizza crust.  We both agree that grinding before you need the flour is the way to go, so I made a special effort to remember to lag bolt the bench to which the mill is bolted to the wall.  The bench is much steadier now when we grind, so it should be a lot easier to accomplish by oneself going forward.

The one side of the garage was seriously straightened out today so that I can order two cords of wood to be delivered the week after next and still be able to have a reasonable hope of getting it all put away.  Starting tomorrow, the new roof is going up, so the wood can be delivered the week after.  Some Saturday in August we'll have a proper chimney sweep here to give the chimney a good looking after- he's even British! I just wish I were going to be home so that I could shake hands with him.  Once, many years ago when I worked for the hardware store, a chimney sweep went through my line, and I asked him if I could shake hands with him, and he obliged me.  I don't know if he changed my luck for the better, but I'm still here!

After the roof, and the firewood, and the chimney sweep, it will be time for the solar guys to show up.  Steve has instructions to capture all of this for you.

So much to do, so little time!

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Rae said...

Ack! Now I've got that song suck in my head... chim chiminey chim chiminey... Good thing I've got the soundtrack on my iPod... Yes, I have Mary Poppins on my iPod, and yes, I'm a geek.

Congrats on the roof! Bet you can't wait!

Last but not least, Steve's pretzels are KILLER!