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Friday, July 22, 2011

It Gets Worse

Now Ethel's crowing too.  I watched her with my own two eyes as they were all slowly making their way down the ramp this morning.

It sure explains a lot of their behavior.  But damn.

Three roosters?

I gotta get rid of these birds but quick.


Amy Lagerquist said...

Ah, drat. Those pointy, thin feathers on the neck are a dead giveaway for males. I would have pegged Ethel for a boy based on the other post's photo, too.

If it's any consolation, I've hatched 2 broods out of my own flock. The first brood contained 11 boys out of 19 chicks. The second, 4 boys out of 4. Those disappointments broke me of ever wanting to hatch my own chicks again. In the future, it'll be purchased sexed chicks only for me!

steak and eggs said...

Man!!! My heart goes out for you. It's bad enough to get a rooster when you buy hens, but THREE ROOSTERS: AND ONE SOMETHING WRONG WITH IT. That's just not fair in anybody's book.

I don't know if this will help, but you might check with you feed stores to see if they buy and sell larger chickens. Our newspapers has a livestock section in the classified's. Sometime there are ads from people wanting to buy chickens.

Anonymous said...

..hehe..I know how you feel..we got 9 chicks last year and 7 were roosters. ( down to 1 now ) We also just got 8 chicks yesterday due to the fact that the eggs the hen was on only produced 1 chick. We were talking to an owner of a poultry farm when getting the chicks and he said to butcher the roosters at 4lbs for the best eating...and saving money feeding them..not to mention the noise. We kept thinking the same thing as you..which one is's hard to tell when most are crowing at one point or another.

Toni aka irishlas said...

Wow! I'm just catching up with your posts and I can't believe you'd have that kind of luck!

Like others have mentioned, you may be able to find some girls on Craigslist or check Local Harvest to see if any of the farms that raise pastured eggs may be willing to sell you a couple of pullets.

Who knows, they may even want one of your roos.

Try and have a wonderful weekend. Hope the job is going well for you.

chesapeake said...

I know it's frustrating/costly, and I know very little about chicken raising, but our local farm store still has chicks right now.

Maybe you could get new chicks? :-/

If that isn't an option, your chicken house is so gorgeous, you could probably rent it out as a tiny cottage and earn a ton of extra cash. :-D

Miriam said...

Oh, what a bummer. I am so disappointed for you. But maybe you actually do have a crowing hen - which would be really interesting, except for the annoyed neighbours part.

Nina said...

I got three young "hens" in Nov. only to end up with two cockerels. I was able to rehome them through Craigs list very quickly - one in less than 24 hours! I replaced them with definite pullets. In May I got 3 day old chicks. I'm starting to wonder about two of them. They like to spar with each other and today I saw one of them display her/his neck feathers. Good luck! Anyone who has raised chickens has been there before!