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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Insulating Ourselves Against the Cold

After the new metal roof, solar water heater, and solar PV system were installed, the very last portion of the roof project was to get the insulation beefed up, which is just what we did.

The first thing the fellows installing the new insulation did was to install the bird box baffles, which essentially provide a channel for the air coming in from the vents under the eaves (called the bird boxes) to flow into the attic unimpeded and out the ridge vent.  They hold back the insulation from covering the bird boxes.  Once the baffles were in, they blew in the new insulation, and here it is.

It's pretty high now.  And it works really well.  On most nights, with outside temperatures in the forties, we were now losing one degree Fahrenheit in warmth inside the house.  On nights where it dipped into the thirties, we were now losing only two degrees.  After observing this for a few days, it occurred to me that we will probably be able to heat the house comfortably with a fire in the morning, and a fire in the evening, which means that our firewood should be easier to make last longer.

There is no telling how cold or severe a winter we'll have, although by all accounts, it should be a lulu due to another La Nina event, but I think we're in pretty good shape.

Better than I initially thought, anyway.


Anonymous said...

every little bit help!..not that this was a little bit or anything! We could use some more in our attic too..Another step we use to insulate ourself against the cold is to close doors for rooms we are not using at the time..for our indersized wood stove it really helps out! another insulation note we also went overboard before we did our siding and put insulation sheets on every bit of the outside of the house..warmer in the summer and comfy in the can be 35c outside and if we keep the windows closed it never gets above 20 inside...then we open the windows at night ( only in the summer!)..that insulation is going to save you some $$ in the long run too!

Paula said...

We close doors too, EGB- that's a first consideration. Insulation is the first easy step toward energy savings. Maybe not the easiest step, but a really good start.

If we ever have to replace the siding on this house, and there is actually a good chance that we will, considering that the previous owner pretty much neglected maintenance, we'll definitely do something about new insulation for the walls as well. We're also considering having a soy-based spray insulation sprayed on the underside of our floorboards as well. But that's for another year- we've sure shot our wad this year!!