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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm Excited!

I'm excited because, after ten years of marriage on a decent enough (king-sized Stearns and Foster) mattress on a metal frame with no head board, Steve and I are finally going to buy a real bed!  Part of the reason we're finally getting around to this is that we've been lost in a king sized bed and discovered that even in the summer when we're not plastered together trying to keep warm, a king-sized bed is still way too much real estate to devote to sleeping, so we're downsizing to a queen. This will give us a lot more room in the bedroom to move some stuff around.  Another reason is for the feng shui aspect- a bed that surrounds you in wood gives you more control over your career.   But in the interest in local production and better sleep, we're going to buy an Englander mattress, which are manufactured up the road in Tualatin, Oregon.  That is the mattress on our day bed and I l-o-v-e sleeping on this mattress.  When I really just. can't. fall. asleep, I go out to this bed and fall in and asleep almost right away.  Really.

And I think I found the bed, too, and I'm more excited about that than anything else.  Made of sustainably forested hardwoods using old-fashioned joinery techniques (read: lasts a lifetime or more), the company is in southeast Portland and seems to have a pretty square head on its shoulders.  I mean, how could you not love a guy who describes himself as 'founder and head slacker'?  Plus, I just really like this bed.

All I have to do is convince Steve that this is the right one for us.


Miriam said...

The right bed is so important for getting a good night's sleep - from the bed frame to the headboard to the mattress to the sheets to the pillows. And it's all so individual! My big issue is my pillow - after a few years of never being satisfied I have a closet full of rejects and still haven't found one that doesn't leave me with a headache in the morning. I've tried them all: cervical pillows, little pillows, big pillows, water filled pillows, buckwheat pillows. I feel like Goldilocks...

Paula said...

I soooo know what you mean, Miriam. It might not be your pillow, though.

I've found that when I tuck my chin into my chest, I'll wake up with a headache. I can also feel one coming on when I lie too long on my left side. You have to find the sweet spot for your atlas bone (which is the bone on which your skull sits) to be aligned properly on the axis (which is the very top bone of your spine and is the point on which the axis rotates).

So far, the best pillow for me has been a supremely malleable down pillow, which I bought at stupid old Costco when they had a two pack Pacific Coast feather deal for forty bucks, which I thought such a paralyzed bargain, I bought two extra two-packs.

If I start the night by placing my elbow at my waist and curling my fist under my chin, I get just the right alignment for my skull. I've done it so often I now know where my chin needs to be, and the rest is adjusted up and down by the squishy pillows. I haven't woken up with a headache for a long time.

jules said...

Sweet bed! Happy New Year Paula!

Nicole Hitchcock said...

Have fun!! We got a king size bed and like it because, while we are snugglers, we have four pets who are also snugglers. It works for us. Hope you post pics!