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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Back From the Mother Earth News Fair, Part 1

Steve and I are back from the MEN (Mother Earth News) Fair in Puyallup (Pew-all-up), Washington.  Wow! What a great use of time and money- we learned tons!  I took a bunch of notes and I'll relate a bunch of stuff over the next several posts- some things I want to either try myself before I report (making soy milk) or do more investigating (bokashi composting) before I report anything to you.  We both feel this was really well worth attending and are thinking about next year's fair, provided it's in as easy and close a location as this year's, which was two and a half hours away by car.  I have a file folder of various bits and pieces of information to paw through and read; some of it is for now (like gardening stuff and the like) and some of it is for when we build the new place out in the country- here are some of the things I picked up in no particular order: Envirolet (composting toilets), The Ploughshare Institute for Sustainable Culture schedule of Homestead Crafts & Skills Workshops & Seminars 2012 (really cool stuff!), Grit Guide to Backyard Rabbits (this I paid for because it looked like it would nicely supplement my Storey guide), various handouts from Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply, The Clockhouse flyer from Eagle Log Cabins (Vicky described all their cabins as being made from Siberian pine and the general price and clever interlocking design of both solid and two-skin walls leads me to think they may be imported Russian dachas, but this is a guess), a flyer from Granite Transformations which uses 100% recycled glass for making counter tops (they are really pretty), flyer from the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, Tulikivi masonry heaters, Kinder Goats, Fungi Perfecti catalog, SunWorks solar food dryer, and Living Shelter Design Architects (straw bale construction).

It was interesting to see the diversity of different types of people that attended; there were old hippies and young hippies, of course, but seriously elderly couples barely getting around, to this woman:

Making Tofu (which I attended for the soy milk)

Lovely banners for heirloom veg

Mud oven parts

Little demo mud oven

Electrified Karmann Ghia

Making rope (Fort Nisqually folks)

Yurt details

More to follow in the next post....

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