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Monday, July 16, 2012

Homesteading Update 16 July 2012

This is going to be a whirlwind update because it's bedtime and I'm getting cranky.  All set?

Hang on!

The brassica seedlings that were nearly decimated by cabbage moth larvae have recovered and are ready to be transplanted (and covered in Agribon).

This was the spud bed on June 18.

This is the spud bed on July 15, nearly a month later.  If it doesn't look like much, bear in mind I've been hilling up.  The first of the potatoes are nearly ready.

The next potatoes are already coming on. Some are more volunteers.  One of those in there was a German Butterball from last year that spent the entire year in the fridge.  I figured "What the heck!" and it grew.

The lettuces were bolting, so I harvested and packaged up what I could in the fridge.  But that left a lot of bolted lettuce, which I didn't want to waste.  So I treated it like greens and cooked it up with pasta.  The rest of the lettuce that was too messy to eat was tossed into the compost pile.

It was better than decent, but I like kale better.  I'd still do this again though.

I harvested all the onions that I transplanted this spring.  These were all volunteers from onions that had gone to seed in the same bed.  I bent down their stalks about a week ago and after a week in the sun they were ready to pull.  They'll finish curing in the living room.  They are keeping the garlic that's curing in the living room company.  They are also precluding me from having company.

We got the bird netting up on the boysenberries. I think in this picture you can kind of see what I mean when I say they are covered in berries, which are starting to ripen.  We harvested the center berry out of several clusters, but when the clusters all ripen at the same time, are we going to be busy! We're freezing them.

The big bed will hold most of my winter stuff, but I'm trialing a couple of tomatoes in there, plus the cukes and Fortex french filet beans are in there.  Winter stuff: onions, parsnips, carrots, White Siberian kale, Red Siberian kale, and the January King cabbage seedlings.  Starting tomorrow, I'll plant more carrots, rutabagas, and beets.  Once I pull the beans off I'll plant peas.

This is Floriani Red Flint corn, which is an heirloom variety.  It is growing very unevenly and I can't imagine why.  It will shortly get beans and pumpkins in it, and I just hope they'll have enough time to do something.

That's it!
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