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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer of Disappointments

I know, I know; I haven't posted for a long time.  I don't usually post unless I have something to report; I just haven't had anything of interest to relate lately.

Truth is, I am struggling with my garden this year. Somewhere between being really busy at work and the unreliable weather we're having, I didn't get the warm weather crops in until late; I'm only just getting green beans and zucchini, but the tomatoes aren't ripening, and the peppers are still no where; ditto eggplant. It'll be a miracle if I get any fruit off of them. I'm finally getting the Abenaki Red Calais flint corn to make ears, which is great- I just hope they're ready in time before the rainy season starts. And it's not all bad- we did get a bumper crop of boysenberries this year.

The biggest disappointment of all has to be the Big Bed.   I can't tell why some of the stuff planted at the same time is growing and some of it isn't.  I've had it stuffed full of seed and its progress has been just incredibly slow.  For weeks and weeks the parsnip seed has been in and I can't tell if it's actually growing or not.  It's supposed to take a long time to germinate, and it seemed to do that in the appropriate amount of time, but the first true leaves appeared weeks ago and then they stayed like that. For weeks!

parsnip seed, all planted the same day
It's truly odd; depending on what I planted, all the seed in a given area was planted at the same time, and some of it's growing and some of it's not; I don't know what the problem is, but I have a suspicion that it has something to do with the COF (Complete Organic Fertilizer, Steve Solomon, Gardening When It Counts) with which I dressed the soil.  Problem is, I can't tell if it was too much or not enough.

Parsnips planted earlier, but some are
just not making any progress!
the kale is doing it too

It just points to the importance of properly building up your soil with things like compost and properly rotted manure, or in the case of rabbits, "hot" manure. In any case, I will have failed again this year to produce a major portion of our food from the yard, and if it all fell apart tomorrow, we'd starve.

I really need to get the hen yard made so that I can get chickens and rabbits.   Even if the rabbits wound up being pets, they'd still be good to have around.
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