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Monday, September 10, 2012

Householding Update - 10 September 2012

While I've been working on the hen yard, the Braumeister has been harvesting his hops.  Twice the dry weight harvested this year as last year, so they like the new home.

This is the progress I've made in two weekends.  I was barreling along, and got stuck.

I don't know what to do about watering and feeding; I'd tentatively planned things for the section next to the coop, but realized that since I'm going to house the rabbit hutches in the same yard, I have to go in there every day to feed the rabbits.

I'm really stuck on what to do for watering- any ideas or links are welcome. I want to make it as automatic and tidy as possible.  Toying with 55 gallon food service drum, which is a far cry from the original five gallon bucket idea.

In the meantime, Steve's sister called this evening about canning tuna.  I'll find out Thursday night if the fisherman got any tuna, and if so, will be traveling down to Yachats with a bunch of canning jars and a pressure canner in tow.

I've been wanting to do this ever since I found out she cans tuna, so now I really feel like I'm part of the club.

But really- I need help with the water and feed ideas....


Hazel said...

I just have a food and water hopper I go in to fill up, but after watching this video I am looking at whether I could use her automatic watering system. I add ACV and garlic to the water at the moment, which I wouldn't be able to do, so still mulling it over.

Rachelle said...

Use gravity, tubing, and something similar to the old-fashioned chicken waterers. You will have to clear out the drinking area, periodically. Even rabbits have those mounted bottles they will drink out of. I think just having the drum above the level of the water delivery will work for gravity feed. Examples of what I used to see used. I think you could fashion your own with tubing and PVC sealant.

Rae said...

Since you're only gonna have a few hens (the number depends on whether the black/green sex-link gets gotten by a coyote first... She's always out), a feed system like the PVC one we use would be low maintenance. Also, those 5gal metal waterers work just fine. We have two for somewhere around 30+ birds (I've lost count) and we only have to refill every few days. For just a few ladies, you wouldn't need to mess with it often.

Have fun canning! Fresh canned tuna is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I just read this today!

This is an auto-filling 5-gal bucket for watering rabbits, but it's based on parts for a chicken waterer.

Miriam said...

My only suggestion for the feed and water issue is to NOT do it like us. As far as water goes, because the water in our area is so high in iron we don't give it to the chickens, even though the tap at the pumphouse is just a few steps away from both coops. Instead, we haul out water from the house, that has been through our treatment system. Not practical, but Kim's got a rhythm. So good for you that you're thinking about this early in the design process!

I somehow missed your last post and just read it now. Great food for thought, so I'm going to be thinking on it!

jules said...

Rabbits! Great! I can't give advice on the chickens, but I can tell you that our Rabbit Mentor told us that automatic waterers are good, but the hands on, have to fill the bottles every day approach is a good habit to get into as it makes you look at your rabbits every day and you can tell right away who is drinking and who is not. You can't always tell that by an automatic operation. We also got bottles that are 32 oz. and they have measuring marks on the bottles so I can tell how much each one is drinking (in case we ever want to measure that kind of thing). Good luck! I'll be watching for rabbit updates! We're about to breed ours for the first time. AAAHHHH!

Lyssa said...

I recently built an auto-watering system that handles both the chickens and the rabbits, and I'm pretty dang pleased with myself about it. I still like to check in on the rabbits every day, but sometimes when I'm on midwife time that just isn't possible. All the details on what I built are on my blog iffen you're curious.