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Sunday, October 14, 2012

What You Get Done When Rain is Forecast

Last weekend I got part of the roof pieces of the run up before the rains started.  Yesterday I had to saw part of the side of the door so that I could get it open because it had swelled shut in the damp.  The roof is not designed to hold up a roof per se, just more welded wire, and then on the side nearest the coop, a tarp to keep half the run dry.

This picture shows more of the roof, such as it is.  It also shows what I did today.  I didn't have a lot of rain-free time today, so I installed the 2x4's along the fence sides so that I can staple the roof wire to them.  The fence across the back of the yard is in decent shape but the one along the side is in terrible shape. However, it's not ours to replace, so I attached new 2x4's with deck screws to the posts which will help hold it together.  The posts were replaced not too long before we moved in, but the rest of the fence was not and it's in really deplorable shape.  If I try nailing to it I run the risk of knocking it down.

This is the back of the run, and where I'll attach the feeders which I've made from four inch ABS pipe.  I've a little more work to do on them, and then I can install them.  I also purchased parts for watering the birds, which I can work on the garage if it rains next weekend. It's coming along slowly, but it's coming along.

So once work was done, I could turn my thoughts to dinner, most of which came from the garden. I love growing turnips because you can eat the whole plant.  (They are also really easy to grow- even easier than radishes.)

This is a great carrot variety: short and stout and easy to peel, and very sweet and juicy.  I wish I could remember what the hell its name is.

Dinner was was roasted root vegetables (I managed to pull out one parsnip in addition to the carrots and turnips) and eggs florentine on kale and turnips greens.

If we had chickens, the whole meal would have come from the garden.
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