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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Very Nearly There

With the exception of one little patch of welded wire to put up in the west side tree trunks, I am done with the wiring and roof for the new Hensdeep.  All I have left for perimeter security is to dig down along the fence line and bury some welded wire to keep digging bastard raccoons out.  I also need to frame and then pour a concrete sill for the door.  I am going to be seriously annoyed, if after all this effort, I lose a hen.

Then all I have left to do after finishing the perimeter is to assemble and install the waterer and finish up the feeders, but the good news is that with the tarps up, I can work out there in the rain. In fact, I kind of wish it would rain while I'm out there so I could see how well or badly it's all working.

I know it looks like butt, but it was cheap.  The tarps cost all of twenty bucks for the two of them and they're not a ridiculous shade of blue, which would look truly awful.  At least they somewhat disappear into the background.  Steve says that they are a good camouflage in case my egg production facility is hit by an Allied bombing raid. Speaking of Allied bombing raids, I didn't consider what they were going to look like with bird shit all over them, because they are still under the trees after all.  Oh well.

They also cover roughly half of the space which is punctured by tree trunks and makes roofing a tricky proposition.  Actually, I think the Photinia are technically shrubs or bushes, but they got left to go to the dogs long before we ever showed up, and since they provide the only shade in the yard, they won a reprieve from any hard pruning (read: cutting down).  At any rate, they were incorporated into the roof structure when I lag bolted a two-by-four to them and then attached everything else to that.

Today is Sunday, so I've another day to work on this.  I'm hoping to have it all together in the next couple of weeks.

But I'm very nearly there.

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