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Sunday, December 9, 2012

It Worked!

A couple of weekends ago I got the feeders finished and in.

The ends are not glued on so that I can take them off and clean out the feeders.

Today I got the automatic waterer put together and the only place - the only place-  where it leaked was where the hose connected in.  Some teflon tape on the hose threads fixed that, and it's holding just fine.  It worked!!  I got really good help from a clerk at Home Depot figuring out what I needed to do, but managed to miss a couple of  items on the first trip so today we got the few remaining pieces.  I drew a diagram of the whole thing which I'll post later if anyone is interested.
I haven't tapped holes for the watering valves yet because I need figure out where the business end of the system will go. I suspect that if I put it out somewhere in the middle of the enclosure the girls will perch on it.  I think it needs to go along a wall or something, but I'll figure that out.

After all this is done, there are only a few more things to do before I can bring home the girls: I need to dig along the fence and bury welded wire to keep critters from digging under, which I've started digging.  Having wired everything else will be all for nothing if I don't keep raccoons from digging under the fence. I've seen raccoons at three o'clock in the afternoon, so if the girls will be in the enclosure in the afternoon I have to be able to protect them.

For the same reason, I need to pour at least a concrete sill under the door, but want to pour a step as well, which means I have to frame for that, but framing won't take long.

And then finally, I need to whitewash with a lime wash the interior of the coop to make sure that it's clean and sanitary for the new residents. I'm hoping to get Steve to do that because he paints better than I do.

And now the exciting news.

This week my boss said that he had a present for me.  It turned out to be parts for a hoop house!

It was really hard not to get started on this but I decided that I need to get my current projects finished before starting another one.  But I'm pretty sure I know what the next project will be.

Seed starting season starts March 1!


John said...

Get your current projects finished before starting new ones? You can do that? It's brilliant! Where were you to smack the drill out of my hand everytime I've started a new project amidst the rubble of several others? That's a commanding display of self control.

Also, I don't think I've ever finished a project after any less than three trips to any given hardware store, so you did pretty well at two.

The coop looks great, I'm sure your hens will be pleased as punch!

jules said...

Yippee on the hoop house!!!