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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reasonable Certainty

New Year's Day is a day for resolution making for most folks, but not me.  If there is anything I've learned it's that I'm not going to change. At this point,  I don't even think I'll make goals for this year, as I find that life has a way of tripping itself up.  If you want an abject lesson in humility, try listing the so-called goals you are going to get done in a year on your blog for all to see.

Instead, this year, I am going to deal in Reasonable Certainties. Like this year, there is a Reasonable Certainty that we'll get the mortgage paid off this year.  Probably by April.  I also think there is a Reasonable Certainty that we'll finally get chickens this year.

I can tell you with better than reasonable certainty that I'm going to learn a lot this year.

For instance, I have already learned that the "North Dakota" trick of leaving something dripping in order to keep it from icing up does not work.

This greeted me when I went to go check on my chicken waterer:

I did not uncouple the hose from the supply line.  I'm not even sure how this happened.  I can tell you  that both hoses are frozen solid.   In fact, there was a stalagmite of ice rising up from the floor of the enclosure.


So I can also tell you with reasonable certainty that I'll have to figure something else out for watering chickens for next winter.  Maybe a heat trace system, and I'll have to get help with that, but I am pretty sure I can get help from somebody at work.

I can also tell you with reasonable certainty that the apple trees are growing a lot faster than I thought they were.  This week we got the next level of wire up for the espaliers, and I found that the trees had grown around the wires holding them to the espalier.  I have to monitor their growth much more closely this year.  This is one that I could not fix.

I sometime wonder if I should rename this blog "What Not to Do". Maybe if I had a Reasonable Certainty of getting fruit from them, that would be one thing, but I can't even do that if the raccoons are going to beat me to them.

But pay off the mortgage and get chickens.  I am reasonably certain that I can do that much.

Everything else is up for grabs.

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