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Monday, March 11, 2013

Farmyard Update 11 March 2013

Saturday was gorgeously warm and sunny for a change and would have been a great day on which to get some yard work done, and was what I wanted to do with it.  Instead, I spent the first half of the day at the eye doctor and another few hours grocery shopping.  We also bought a bag of layer ration and oyster shell and a bale of hay at the farm store, because I'm getting ready for chickens.  So not much got done on Saturday.

Sunday was overcast, but all mine, so I made good use of it.

First I trimmed and moved the rosemary. I also pruned back the sage and the oregano and move those too.  All the herbs are going into the same bed with the hops.

I wanted to move the tarragon, thyme and chives, but the compost pile was in the way.

So I moved the compost pile.

I really wanted to get some things done in Hensdeep so I moved the waterer to a better location for both the birds and the eventual rabbits.  I also put another tarp over the top because I decided that the feed would get wet if I didn't.  The new tarp looks like butt and it's really dark in there now so I didn't take pictures.

This is the new step/sill under the door.  I had to fix the side of the door which fit when I first hung it and then swelled to the point that I couldn't shut the door.  That little hole is where the cane bolt will go.

That little hole.  Yeah- it's for the cane bolt which I will install later. If I ever find it.

Then I fixed the doorway for the clean out doors so that they will fit better and close properly. I think I'm making the tolerance in my doors a little tight because they always just fit until they go outside when they get wet and don't fit anymore.  This is that side of the coop open with the new roosts that I just put in this weekend.

Then the last thing I did was nail up a board over the door to Hensdeep and some leftover metal from when we had the roof done.  I made the roofer leave all the leftover pieces because I figured 1) I paid for it- if there's going to be any scrap I'll take that few dollars, thank you and 2) it could be useful someday.  I think that it will come in mighty handy when I get around to rabbit hutches some day- I've read that rabbit urine gets all over a wooden hutch and makes it stink, and I need to keep my hutches odorless, if I can't keep them minty fresh. I don't need anyone complaining about my animals.

This time of year is great for the brassicas- the January King cabbage made it through the winter like champs and are getting covered with wire the closer they get to maturity.  Next weekend we'll cut it all and make sauerkraut.

These are Roodnerf Brussels sprouts.  I've never grown Brussels sprouts before, and since they didn't mature in time it will be interesting to see if I get Brussels sprouts, or just flowers and seeds this year.

The kale (in the foreground and the bed further back) is still going strong.  I've discovered that I don't much care for the White Russian kale- it's a bit curly.  I much prefer the Red Russian kale.

I have garlic and leeks started and in the ground, but I haven't started any seeds yet. I'd better start this weekend if I hope to get it all done in time.

The hyacinths are blooming out front and the daffodils are threatening to, but the asparagus isn't up yet, so it's still not quite spring in my book.

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