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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's All in the Name

We don't normally pay for newspapers but there was a free portion of one down at the end of the driveway, which Steve retrieved when he got the mail.  As suspected, it was largely circulars for the local food purveyors.

I sat on one side of the living room with my computer and he sat on the other.

"When are we going to go attack that ham?" he asked.

"When I'm done with this round of solitaire," I answered, dreading the chore we have ahead of us, inertia thoroughly cementing me to the seat of my comfy chair.

He picked up one of the food ads and started perusing it.

"Speaking of hams, Albertson's has 'Amish Pride' boneless spiral sliced hams," he remarked.

That struck me as a ridiculous name for a ham brand.

"Amish Pride," I said derisively. "I wonder what moved them to choose that name." Honestly, marketing is so dumb sometimes. Amish Pride.  Two words you would not expect to see paired together in any other setting.

Steve didn't miss a beat.

 "Because it sounded better than 'Rabbi Select'," he replied, and turned the page.

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