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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Silver Lining

Back on the ninth I told you that I ordered my wine grapes and wondered if they would ship them or if some state agricultural edict would keep them from me.  Turns out I suspected right.

I tried to email them for a ship date and they wouldn't return my message.  So I finally called them and they said they couldn't ship to Washington, Oregon or California. So as sweetly as I could, I asked them to please refund my money (since the first thing they did was charge my credit card).  They said they would and send me an invoice as well.  I was not too pleased with Northeaster Vine Supply.  We'll see how long the refund takes or whether or not I have to write to the Office of the Vermont Attorney General.  I think they're probably pretty small and overwhelmed by their large vineyard orders, but they could at least put that information out there, or be better about responding to me. Not responding to me is one thing, but mess with my money and now you have a problem.

Now for the good news: they did recommend me to a grower here in Oregon who sells the variety that I wanted, which is Marechal Foch.  Marechal Foch is a red wine grape that does well in heavy soil, which is exactly what I have.

I spoke with Sandra at Broadacres Nursery- she'll have to root them for me, which will take a couple of months, and I need to give her half the money up front.  But instead of $7.50 each at NE Vine, these are $2.75 each, so instead  of $82.50, my grapes will cost me $30.25, which is a savings of $52.25!  And they are in Hubbard, Oregon, which is 20 miles down a country road from here.

So sometime in May I get to go get my grape vines.

I think I'll pack a picnic.

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