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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Preventing Coddling Moth With Peds

A post or so ago I mentioned a neat trick with peds.

Here it is:

When your apples get to be about the size of walnuts.....

...get yourself some peds (those little stocking things for trying on shoes) and some size 8 rubberbands....

....and swaddle the apples in the peds, enclosing it with the rubberbands.

The peds keep the coddling moths off the apples, and as the apples grow they stretch out the ped, which allows more sunlight to reach the apple and ripen it.

I read about this method several years ago and have been itching to try it, which is part of the reason I espaliered the apples.  Aside from increasing yields and allowing more sun to reach the fruit, it was a good way to ensure that I could reach the apples!

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