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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Householding Update 13 October 2013

Today I got a start on the epic, sweeping changes I have planned for the garden this winter.  I am turning the five beds just off the deck into three beds.  I've discovered that I prefer working in a larger bed, so rather than five three-foot beds and four two-foot walkways, I'll have three five-feet-two-inch beds and two three-foot walkways.  It is much easier to get a wheelbarrow down a three-foot walk way than a two=foot walkway.

These are the five beds, destined to become three beds.

Here are one-year old homegrown asparagus crown that are moving into the expanded first bed.  (So much for buying all male plants.)

The tops of the crowns got lopped off and then they were set at the bottom of the new side of the bed. This is the first 'course'.

And here we are all done with the first enlarged bed.

I still have the other two beds to move as well, but they can wait.

Other plans for this winter include moving the hive stand to the back of the yard, moving the dwarf blueberries (I haven't figured out where, though), and then moving around a bunch of fruit trees once they go dormant.  (I also want to try a pluot from Peaceful Valley, but that's another post.) And then last but not least is prepare a bed in the back for more subsistence crops.

But not potatoes.

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