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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sure as Shootin'

Another great Saturday.

On Saturday Steve and I went to a trap shooting event sponsored by my employer.  My goal for the day was to successfully fire a gun with out hurting anyone (my goals are sometimes fairly restrained)- if I got a target, that would just be gravy.

Well, I got three targets and didn't hurt anyone (other than myself) so I consider it a great accomplishment, for me, anyway.  I started with a brand new Winchester twelve gauge that belonged to our company president.  No one tells you how heavy shotguns are- they just wave them arounds like bamboo sticks.  Holding that shotgun was a chore, but I got three out of twenty-five targets.  Now don't just sit there snickering; I had a handicap, one that I'm not sure how I'm going to fix.  I'm right handed but my left eye is dominant due to the scar on my right retina which is inconveniently located right next to the optic nerve.  It's a lot better than it used to be but it means that if I close my left eye, I can't see the bead on the end of the barrel, and if you can't see the bead, you can't aim the gun.

After lunch I tried the twenty gauge, and while it was lighter and easier to handle, I didn't have it seated correctly in my shoulder so the recoil smacked the bejeebers out of my right shoulder and I knew I was done and that one was going to leave a mark.  Well, a bruise, anyway. I called Steve over and handed him the twenty because at that point, I was toast.  Achy from holding up something heavy for a half hour, and sore from the recoil.  Naturally, he did really well with it.

So if we ever get to go hunting, I'll have to learn how to throw a knife or a tomahawk, because I can't shoot and I don't think I could pull a bowstring either.

Maybe I should just learn how to fish.


Anonymous said...

Have a similar problem and am learning to shoot off hand with rifle and intuitive shoot with pistol/revolver. There is always a way if you want it . . . but no doubt, rifle/shotgun is not for everyone

simply living said...

I shoot a 20 gauge side by side and love it because the stock is short and sits in my shoulder nice and tight. My husband was my "instructor" and said "don't aim" keep both eyes on the target because you could powder the target (birds) and find nothing left (to eat, pheasant etc). I not the best (or worst) and enjoy trap shooting.