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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sexy Machine

Remember how some while ago I was building a Bierstube in the dining room?  I've been working at it piecemeal and the only thing left besides the floor molding are the seats, which are kind of tricky because they have to fold up to reveal storage in the bench.

In late October I sent the same folks who built our bed the bench top dimensions and asked them to provide an estimate for three blanks out of their cheapest hardwood. The estimate came back at $568, on which I choked.  I thought to myself, for $568 I could buy the drill press I've always wanted and the materials to assemble them myself, and when I'm done I'll have the seats and still have the drill press I've always wanted.

So that's what I did.

Steve helped me put it together (the motor head alone weighed seventy-five pounds) and I couldn't help thinking as we built it that it was a sexy machine.

I am so excited to have it.  You just have no idea.


Paula said...

Hey John- when it comes to envy, I have shop envy over your whole set up.

But I could make the world's largest cribbage board out of solid steel. If I wanted to,

Anonymous said...

nothing beats good machines