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Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's a New Year, Alright

If there is anything I've learned since starting this blog, it's putting it out there does not necessarily ensure that I'll make it happen.

I indicated long ago that I don't do resolutions.  Resolving to do something or be something just does not work for someone as old as I am.  And listing goals doesn't work either, even if you do put it out where God and everybody can read them; life has a way of conspiring against you.

So what am I doing with my New Year?  I mean different with this new year?

Well, they say that it takes thirty days to develop a habit, so I am trying to develop good habits.  This month I am trying to: eat a piece of fruit with breakfast, drink a glass of water before every meal (drinking one afterward give me heartburn), and get more exercise.

So far, I've managed the fruit, although a lot of it is dried. (Note to Paula; get more fresh fruit- dry fruit is high in calories.)

Not as good on the water thing though, although I am getting more this way that I do usually, so I'm still winning on this one.

The hardest one, getting more exercise, is proving so far to be the easiest one to accomplish.  I am only working out every other day, being as old and as fat and as out of shape as I am. But I can feel it working, and I've very inspired by the woman leading the exercises because you can tell that while she is no spring chicken, she has a rockin' body, so of course, I think I can do it too. (Because that, my friends, is what inspiration does for you.)

All I gotta do is put in twenty-one years at it like she has.

So this is the new year's plan: new, good habits.

Let's not talk about my bad habits, though.  Some of them I cherish.

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