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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chicken Daddy

We're under about eight inches of snow this weekend, which is very unusual for the Portland, Oregon area, and it's been really cold during the day.

But the feathered females have nothing to fear because Chicken Daddy is keeping them in scratch, treats, and hot water.

Thank you Chicken Daddy!!


Rachel said...

I see you comment on the Root Simple blog. Curious if you read the Northwest Edible Life blog. She seems right up your alley, too, and in your neighborhood. Miss your posts! This job of yours is sure getting in the way of your blog!

Paula said...

yeah, that's me on Root Simple.

I do read Northwest Edible Life but can't comment on that blog. Actually, there are very few blogs that recognize me and allow me to comment anymore and NWEL is one of them.

I sometimes think that is the reason comments on my blog have dropped off and have resisted the urge to ask because I figure that if it were the case them those folks would not be able to tell me anyway, so ...

And sometimes I think maybe it's just because I'm boring.

But you're dead right- my job is definitely getting in the way of my blog, especially this last two weeks.

I'll post some more- my next one will be my 500th! Hard to believe...

Leigh said...

Every chicken needs a chicken daddy, LOL. They do love their hot water, don't they? When it's been really cold, mine will stand around the bucket of hot water like the rest of us stand around a campfire.