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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Darn It! Mom Was Right!

You know how sometimes your mom tells you something, and you don't want to do it for various reasons of your own, all of which are good reasons mind you, but then you think about it and you realize your mom is right?  

I know; I hate when that happens too.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I wish I had a pantry. Actually, I've been belly-aching about a pantry for a long time.  I thought at one time I would hire my contractor to remodel my utility room, which would make a very nice pantry, but decided against it because I just plain do not want to spend the money.  I still want a pantry, though.

So Mom said, in an emailed conversation we had, why don't you turn the cabinet over your washer and dryer into a pantry?

Well, because that cabinet is already holding a bunch of stuff was my lame answer.

But then I thought about it.  I really want a pantry.  So I went to the utility room, opened up the cabinet doors, and stood back and looked at the cabinet.  You know, I thought to myself, there's really no reason all that stuff can't go somewhere else.  I spent part of Monday finding new homes for everything and the other part of Monday working on the cabinet.

Like everything else that was in this house when we bought it, whoever it was that built the aftermarket shelving or cabinets in this house used the absolute minimum to get the job done.  The shelves in the utility room cabinet are made from half-inch plywood and have no visible means of support.  I braced them all with cleats along the sides and back nailed into the studs, and then happily filled them with stuff that's been sitting all over the kitchen.

It's sagging!
Then I noticed they were kind of sagging, so I nailed up a half-assed center support.  I still couldn't get the doors shut properly but I figured oh well. We had dinner, we watched some tube, we went to bed. Then I got to thinking: what if the shelves finally give way sometime in the night?  Aside from scaring the living shit out of you, it would be a shame to lose all your home canned stuff in there, and the tuna represents a sizable investment.  I threw back the covers, found my slippers, and got up and emptied the cabinet.  Then I went back to bed and thought about how to fix the situation and eventually fell asleep.

See the board on the bottom? Worked!
Tuesday after feeding Steve his breakfast, I measured and cut a four by one inch hemlock board that I had in the garage, and then cut braces for it to nail into the studs.  It now runs along the front of the cabinet behind the bottom front where most of the sagging was occurring, and properly supports the bottom shelf, which is supporting the upper shelf. I'm happy to report that it's holding the load just fine and I can also get the doors shut as well.  

Yay! I finally have my pantry!

Kudos, Mom.
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