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Saturday, December 13, 2014

So Much Corporate Bullshit

If you did not grow up with Sunset magazine, you will perhaps not understand my extreme dismay and disgust over the news that Time, Inc., has sold the seven acre Menlo Park (California) campus on which the magazine has been produced since 1951.

I thought it was bad enough when Lawrence Lane sold the magazine to Time Warner in 1990; TW changed a lot of things in the magazine and it hasn't been as good as it used to be ever since then.  I had a subscription as a gift for a year but didn't care in the least for it- it just wasn't the same and not any good anymore, in my view.  Lots of things were missing from it, most especially the great how-to articles and plans.  I told the gift's giver not to bother with renewing it for me when she asked.

Here is the birth and history of the magazine, and its death knell.
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