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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Been Learning a Lot Lately, Part 2

I first heard of the term 'occulation cover' in this video.  He has an interesting way to grow carrots and you owe it to yourself to at least check out all his videos on the subject, but it was 'occulation' cover that grabbed my attention.  An internet search showed results for 
occultation (not occulation) which is when something covers something else; its particular use is in astronomy, when one astral body covers another astral body and keeps it from view.

You can get a really good idea how to accomplish occultation for your beds from this link to Bare Mountain Farm who explain it pretty well.

I've notice on my walks in the neighbor-hood that there is a house whose garden is covered all winter long, and I've wondered and wondered at it.  Now I think I know what's going on.  I still can't figure out what it is they are using for the cover material- at first I thought it was linoleum, but it appears to be some sort of fabric, but not your usual landscape fabric. It almost looks like fire hose material, but I've owned a pair of overalls made of fire hose fabric and they did not wear well at all, so I doubt that's it.  In any case, practicing occultation is a very good idea for my corner of the planet because it suppresses weeds really well which get watered all winter long, and it would keep soil nutrients from leaching in said rain.  It would also provide cover for slugs who'd eventually beat it because there is nothing to eat, or provide a great snack for the chickens and ducks, once you get the cover off.

In any case, I'm going to try it.  Starting tomorrow we're supposed to have clear weather for the next eight days, so I'm going to get started tomorrow with cleaning up the yard and getting the first three beds torn apart.  I'll probably keep the two beds that we built from two by twelves- I need the depth for root vegetables (and I don't dare tear them down yet for fear of the wrath of Steve!) but the beds remaining that were made with the Eon deck product will finally have to make their way to the landfill, unfortunately.  They are pretty useless, otherwise.

That's what I've been learning lately, which I've shared with you.  Got anything for me?
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