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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Free Online Homegrown Food Summit Next Week

I just found out there will be a free online homegrown food summit next week- I've already signed up for it and you can too right here.

Some of the presenters will be (and these are just the folks I've heard of before- there are a lot more that I haven't to whom I'm looking forward to hearing): Toby Hemenway, Paul Wheaton, Sally Fallon, Joel Salatin and John Jeavons.

Topics include (but aren't limited to): permaculture guilds, gardening without irrigation, straw bale gardening, picking the right chickens for the backyard, rainwater harvesting, beginners guide to deer hunting, rabbits, aquaponics, and lots more.

It runs from April 6 through April 12 and they'll post five presentations a day starting at 6:00 AM eastern time on Monday, and the five presentations will be available for twenty-four hours.

So if you couldn't get to the Mother Earth News Fair, here's a chance to learn useful things for free.

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