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Friday, September 9, 2016

Super Cheap Firewood Rack

By now you've seen our firewood storage. You haven't? Ah. You need to read Tales from the Woodcutter's Wife.

So we have this giant rack for firewood in the garage. Between that, the underside of the workbench, and a small metal firewood rack on the deck, we almost have enough storage space for two cords of wood. Almost.  Some of it always gets piled up on the garage floor in front of the rack, but we always manage to get it all under cover for the winter.

This year we have a lot of extra wood because one of the neighbors had to cut down a cedar and they let us have it, which another neighbor cut up for us.  Then on top of that, someone a couple of streets over cut down a fairly sizable birch tree and labeled the pieces 'free wood', so you can bet I snapped that up with the help of my trusty pickup truck.

So- with all this wood lying around, most of it in the front yard, we needed a way to get it stored off the ground. Enter four eight-foot two-by-fours and two concrete blocks.  I wish I could claim this brilliance as my own but I saw this getup on Pinterest posted in some camping posts, only they had shortened the two-by-fours to half lengths because it was only supposed to store enough wood for the camping trip.  I couldn't see why it wouldn't work for our application, so we put one together under the eaves on the backside of the house.

It may not hold all the extra wood, but it's making a big dent in it. And we could also build another one, for under ten bucks.

I will probably never buy a commerical firewood rack again.

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