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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Why I'll Never Buy Commercial Deodorant Again

I've had this post in draft form since the middle of February of 2015, which tells me that I've been using the following homemade deodorant preparation for almost two years!  I used to be a 'clinical protection' antiperspirant user, but at close to eight dollars a throw every time I needed to buy it, it was quickly burning through my money because the clinical protection versions are very soft, which means you use them up quickly. Plus, I've found that they don't work nearly as well as the homemade stuff does. As my twenty-something niece told me after wearing it through a six-hour ballet rehearsal, "no stank!" (her words).

Anyway, I'll never go back to commercial deodorant again because this has saved me a ton of money and worked phenomenally over the course of two years, so consider this a gift from me to you.

For a 4oz jar:

4 T coconut oil (use the same grade you would eat: organic, virgin unrefined cold pressed)
4 T arrowroot powder
1 T baking soda (sodium bicarbonate [Arm and Hammer) which is aluminum free- important!)
3 drops  tea tree essential oil
7 drops patchouli essential oil
5 drops lemongrass essential oil
15 drops lavender essential oil

In a bowl over a pan of boiling water (or a double boiler if you have one), melt the coconut oil. Mix in the arrowroot powder and baking soda. Remove from heat and allow to cool to pudding consistency. Then mix in the essential oils and quickly get it into the jar because it's starting to harden at that point.

Helpful tips:

  • stir well at pudding stage because otherwise the arrowroot powder drops out of suspension and settles
  • the patchouli is an antibacterial EO so if you don't like the smell of tea tree oil, skip it and add more patchouli. I find that the patchouli oil, with the lemongrass and lavender go a long way to covering most of the tea tree oil
  • apply a pea-size amount to your underarms and rub in well.  then grab a tissue or hunk of toilet paper and blot the excess off to keep it off your clothes


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing a recipe for deodorant that actually works! I don't mind the scent of tea tree oil. However, patchouli & lavender are two that I just can't tolerate. Have you tried other essential oils or do you have any suggestions for substitutes?

Paula said...

Yes, I do. You can use clary sage, frankincense, bergamot, and palmarosa. Or you could just up the lemongrass, which is nicely lemony. said...

I am looking to make my own deodorant, thank you for sharing your recipe. I have found bicarb irritates my skin, but there seems to be only a small amount in this recipe. What does the arrowroot do?