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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Cold Frames

Lettuces this end, beets on
the other end
Monday night's low was predicted to be 37F, with Tuesday night's low being 32F, so Monday afternoon I got the covers for the cold frames (called 'lights') covered in greenhouse plastic and Steve helped me get them onto the cold frames themselves.

I'm really glad I got that done, because Monday night wound up being 31F,  and Tuesday was 34; last night we finally had our first frost of the season.  This means that the kale and parsnips will now be sweeter, and it means that I won't lose my beets, because they're covered!


Amanda said...

I did cold frames as well this year, first time and first the cat next door attacked them, then the wind from the last few days did them in. i'm looking to shore them up the next few days. until then, I'd been super happy with them.

Paula said...

Ahh! Other people's cats drive me nuts!

I'd planned latches for the lights and have them, but so far the lights have been handling the wind just fine. It's possibly due to either their design, or more probably, their weight. Or both.

Leigh said...

Ooo, your cold frames are beautiful! I hope they serve you well!