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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Putting the Squirrels on Notice!

I got the garlic planted on October 25, and felt pretty smug about it, which was a mistake.  Some few weeks later I noticed a squirrel roaming around the garlic bed, and then the next day, saw regular little divots where the little fucker had dug up all my cloves.

And I know he got all of them because they should have been up by now and not a one came up.

So this week, I got them planted again, only this time I put in the squirrel-deterrent, otherwise known as half a compost plastic with a trellis planted over it. And a brick, for good measure.

I'm putting all the squirrels on notice that I've just learned how to easily kill a bunch of them, and from what I've read, squirrel is delicious; somewhat nutty and sweeter than chicken.

I wonder how it tastes with garlic.

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Leigh said...

Excellent bed protector! I could really use some of these in my hoop house because my cats think I made them a convenient series of kitty boxes and they keep digging up my seeds and seedlings to bury their business! But I didn't know squirrels liked garlic. Thankfully they haven't touch mine. I think their still too busy bombing us with pecans. Squirrel is an excellent meat! I really like it but Dan doesn't care for it as much, because it has so many small bones to contend with.